What Size BMX Bike Do I Need?

The boom of BMX bikes are high in demand, enabling new riders to ask what size BMX bike do I need to begin their first ride

Typically, well known BMX stands for “Bicycle Motocross” and interestingly these BMX bikes comes with a surprise as they are popular in ripping around the berms that can be handle over jumps. This feature worked as petrol-powered cousin that enhanced its popularity globally. Being originated during 1970s, currently these BMX bikes has represented large amount of tremendous starter models especially for our youth. Hence, these bikes are based on compact size and simplicity as their main design model. This relative design make these classy BMX bikes quite inexpensive, requiring low maintaining cost, relatively low in weight, a fun ride covering all ages and can be transport easily. However, there is still a curiosity among people regarding BMX bike size as what size BMX bike do I need?

Hence, to answer BMX bike size question, today we will unfold the different characteristics that include proper measurement of the bike frame size, also we will go through what available parts in BMX bikes one should buy, so you can easily customize your own ride.

What Size BMX Bike Do I Need?

Nowadays, the BMX bike has come so far by its own. Notably, the freestyle BMX has a combination of professional and riders as a part of their team. Moreover, these BMX teams are sponsored by great number of sponsors to compete at the large-scale platform such as X-games. So if you want to enter into BMX arena to win tags and awards or enjoy your BMX freestyle ride, you have to initiate with buying a good BMX bike. Though are you among those who felt chopped while choosing what BMX size do they need and which bike they should buy? Then this article is for you. We have cover-up all the basic pre-knowledge that help you in buying your right BMX bike. So take deep notes and stay confident while purchasing the bike that matches your need.

Regardless of the question regarding bike size you want for yourself or for your loved ones, we are here ready to serve you with the best. We spell out the key differences while arm you with sufficient knowledge so you can take right decision or can guide other people too. Moving towards the main article, today we will focus on BMX racing bikes. Here we will address the proper way to determine the frame size along with different BMX parts such as gears, tires and wheel size to choose. Hence, the initial part is to lean on how to measure the frame size of BMX bike as well as choosing the best BMX parts in building up your own customize bike to bring more comfort in your bike riding journey.

What BMX size do you need –Determining the BMX bike size before buying?

Typically BMX bikes are designed with certain frame size. However there is a slight dissimilarity among different BMX bike’s length. Moreover, the wheel size can be replaced or changed giving every individual rider a strength to choose based on their height and age. Since the BMX bikes are freestyle or race bikes where rider can perform multiple tricks or do racing competitions, hence, having handy size is important for each rider.

So do read the manufacture’s measurement guide book while buying. The bike measurements design by the manufactures were based on age and height. Hence, visiting the store physically and talk to the staff member for consultancy in finding the best suitable bike for the beginners can save time and energy.

Determining the BMX bike size before buying

Next thing is to accurately measure the height while determining the BMX bike size. Better not to forget about comparing your height with the bike height. It’s critically important that you can easily stand over the mainframe with minimum 2cm gap between you and top tube. Furthermore, if you are buying full-size BMX bike, the least measurement you have to check inside your leg to perfectly stand over the bike is 23 cm… Typically, these full-size BMX bikes are designed with 20 cm wheels, though for young riders you can also find the availability of few different wheel sizes.

Measuring BMX bike’s frame Size:

While filtering down the available options in BMX bikes you might go through reading different frame sizes, wheel sizes and other radius values. You probably end up asking on how one measure the BMX bike’s frame or which frame size is best suited for me. Hence, here is the key that reveal all the answers to your questions. Typically there are few factors that are involved in determining the frame size of any BMX bike. As far as the size is concerned, normally these three factors are considered.

  1. Rider’s Weight
  2. Rider’s height
  3. Rider’s Comfort

Before choosing any type of BMX bike for your racing venture, the most important factor to look into as priority level is rider’s height and weight. If these hit correctly then you can achieve the ultimate goal of comfort. As at the end of the day its comfort that keeps you enjoy your journey for long time. Moreover, different riders have different preferences. Most riders like smaller bike and want slightly larger ones. Additionally, BMX tracks can be taken as great source for selecting the right size. As most of the tracks provide loaner helmets and bikes. Hence, taking advantage to such resources can work as an aid to find the most comfortable size for you.

bmx bike sizing

For your more understanding, we have sort down the rough sketch highlighting the relationship between rider’s height, weight, frame size and top tube length. Notably, this is a general guide chart. This will work as assistant to determine the tentative range and help you in getting the right size for your BMX bike.

Rider’s height

Rider’s weight

Frame size

Top tube length

4’0″ and under

40 lbs – 65 lbs


15 – 16 inch

4’0″ – 4’6″

50 lbs – 85 lbs


16 – 17.5 inch

4’4″ – 4’10”

60 lbs – 100 lbs


17.5 – 18.5 inch

4’8″ – 5’4″

70 lbs – 110 lbs


18.5 – 20 inch

5’2″ – 5’8″

75 lbs – 125 lbs

Expert XL

19 to 20 inch

5’6″ – 5’10”

100 lbs and over


20 – 20.5 inch

5’10” – 6’0″

140 lbs

Pro XL

20.5 – 21 inch

6’0″ and over

160 lbs


21 – 22 inch

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