What Age is 20 Inch BMX Bike for?

Children grow at different rates even of the same age. One kid seven years of age can be very different from the other kid of the same age. This is why it is hard to know the size of the bike to get for your child. It is also a fact that buying your child a bike so that he can grow into it is a great thing to do. This advice isn’t passed around anymore these days. Your child needs a bike that fits perfectly so take a little time in making that decision. The kids grow fast and buying multiple bikes can be expensive. So, the real question is what age is a 20 inch BMX bike for and when can your child ride one.

First, let us know about what a 20 inch BMX bike is and who can use it…..

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What a 20-inch BMX bike is?

The 20-inch refers to the size of the BMX bike. It is a common and mid-range size when it comes to bikes and follows on from 14-inch to 16-inch sizes. A vast majority of the BMX bikes also have a 20-inch wheel size by choice as it suits the riders well. This wheel size accounts for around 97% of sales of the BMX.

It is tough to decide when your child should have his hands on the 20ʺ BMX bike. The considered appropriate age for your child to use the 20ʺ bike is between 7 and 10 years. This is not a rule as the height of the child is the major factor in this. Sometimes, even a 5-year-old child can easily ride a 20ʺ BMX bike owing to his height but normally, it happens around 8 or 9 years of age.

According to the size calculator, your child should be around 118 cm to be able to ride a 20ʺ BMX bike so anywhere around 120 – 135 cm is the correct height. Normally, a 20ʺ BMX bike has gears as well so make your child familiar with them and allow them to get used to the gears. If you want to know the required inseam, you’d be looking at 22 – 25ʺ inseam.

Recommended Age and Height for 20ʺ BMX Bike

Testing the BMX Bike

Getting the right fit by testing the selected bike is of extreme importance. You want to have the best quality BMX bike for your child which is understandable. You should make sure that your child is comfortable, confident, and have the right inseam for the selected BMX bike. Your child should be able to reach the floor with both feet and the handlebars without trying to overreach.

It is important that the arms of your kids should have a little bend in them to get to the brake levers and gear shifters. You can also adjust them according to your own situation. As we mentioned earlier, age is an important criterion but not the defining figure for your child. It is more important that your child should try sitting on a few bikes to get the right bike for him.

What Bike Should I Buy?

Whatever bike you want to buy, make it light. It is the most important factor while considering a bike for your child. If the bike is heavy then trust me, it’s no fun to ride. Every 1 kg on a child’s bike is the equivalent of 10 kg on an adult’s bike. Don’t buy a too big bike for your child as it will reduce his confidence and enthusiasm. A big bike is also difficult to control and looks a bit kooky. Buy a bike that grows with your child with adjustable frames that will last longer.

Wrapping It Up

Kids and children have a special love for BMX bikes. If you want to select the best BMX bike for your loved ones, you need to do some research. A 20-inch BMX is a good solution for your growing child as it meets the demands of both children and adults. Your child can ride it for a long time with confidence. Make sure to buy a quality 20ʺ BMX bike that can be adjusted and last for long. You can always turn up to the above information for any questions regarding the 20ʺ BMX bikes.

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