Truth About Why Are Bike Seats So Uncomfortable?

Do you remember the time when you first bought your first bike? The first thing you might notice was the bike seat. At first, you realize the hard and skinny texture of the bike as uncomfortable, making it difficult for you to sit on it for the longest time.

Though, it makes me realize when the manufacture will create bike seats that are comfortable and easy to sit & ride on. The reason behind the question that Why Are Bike Seats So Uncomfortable is still a mystery yet there are numerous reasons behind the justification of uncomfortable bike seats.

Some suggested that bike seats are not intended to carry the rider’s weight but to give support during sit bones. Although the shape of the bike has been designed in such a way that brings ease to the rider through a different perspective. The unusual shape of the bike seat enables the thighs to freely move it, especially during freestyle mode. Moreover, each rider can freely adjust the bike seat as per their choice to bring a huge difference in their comfort.

These are the few tips and adjustments that can help in bringing comfort from uncomfortable seats.

Not One Seat Size Fits All Sizes:

Similar to shoe size that doesn’t fit all for everyone. This goes the same with your bike seats. One cannot get the one fit saddle size solution for every bike. You have to try numerous available options of the saddle to get the right fit. Similarly, the same way people different professionals prefer to get the measurements for their bike along with their bike seats. Hence, this way they find the perfect saddle that is in the right shape, design and brings comfort while practising for the longest time. Moreover, another way to determine the seat size fit is to get fitted from your dealer or local bike shop.

Not one seat size fits all sizes

What Is the Importance of Having Proper Fit, Height, and Form?

There are large important factors that can work smoothly if you properly fit the bike seat based on height and form, irrespective of your BMX Bike Brand. A few of them are discussed below:

  • Bike seats bring a level of ease between postures and your BMX handlebar. This interlinking adds pressure points to the bike. So, if the seat fits properly then it will give natural form to your body along with the shape and size of the bike. 
  • The initial measurement of the bike has taken from the sit bone distance while adding 30 cm to it as a gauge helps you get the right position. After knowing the measurements and your riding style, we suggest you visit the local shop.
  • Each bike’s measurements interlinked and influenced the other. Hence, the goal is to determine the seat that is measured until your sit bone. This measurement is suitable for your riding style that can complement your bike position and shape. So, before finalizing the bike make sure you already try bike seats of different measurements.

Making Small Adjustments to Bring More Comfort:

If you are in budget-friendly mode or interested in repositioning the bike seat instead of buying the new one then we can suggest you some recommendations. These suggestions are small changes and help to bring more comfort. In addition to small adjustments, we also advise you to note down these changes this way you can learn the new changes you made and if things go bad and provide a negative impact you can easily restore to back adjustment settings.

  • Small changes will have a dramatic effect on the riding style and weight. Moreover, these adjustments can evenly distribute the pressure to different positions and help you in causing low issues during your riding. One of the smaller adjustment includes the level of seats that is adjusted at a horizontal level. Hence riders during the race might force slightly forward, inclining towards the BMX handlebars that help them engage the gluteus –a powerful muscle group. On the other side if you tilt it back you might end on putting pressure to the points where you least want it.
  • The height and distance from the bars are critically important. Hence, if you find yourself slipping forward on the seat then there is natural to label it as an issue with the position of your seat.
  • Equally, if the seat is being too low. The chance of having pressure on the feet and other body parts could be high. Hence, the tendency of having the pressure that needs to be shifted at the feet, distributed at the other parts of the body such as shoulders, hips, and butt.
Making Small Adjustments to bring more comfort

Do Cushioned Seats or Seat Covers Make Any Difference?

No one can deny the noticeable impact of seat covers on the comfort and ease of the bike seats. Either chose a cushioned seat or even a simple seat cover made up of pure or synthetic leather. These new covering to your seats are great making huge differences in reducing the uncomfortable effects of bike seats. Though leather seats require additional time to wear in and mold within the body these seat covers are the first choice of the riders. As by time these seats become softer and can last longer than synthetic seats. The leather is a bit expensive but gives more durability and reliability. 

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