Mongoose Legion L60 Review

Not everyone needs to spend their hard-earned money to grab the high-tier bikes, as they cost thousands of dollars. Even if you are a beginner, intermediate level, or have not yet become a professional one, spending such hefty amount of money does not make sense.

However, you can afford the luxury of grabbing the high performing bike at a mid-range price. This way, you would be able to experience the expert level bike’s joy to some extent, and your pockets won’t be burdened as well.

Among all of the best performing yet the mid-priced bike, Mongoose Legion L60 is the most popular one because of being the perfect combination of multiple characteristics and features.

To make you know every minute detail about this particular bike, and the features that make it the best choice for BMX Enthusiasts, we have crafted this Mongoose Legion L60 Review.

So let’s get right into it;

Mongoose Legion L60 Review

9Expert Score

  • Quality frame material
  • Minimal Yet attractively designed bike
  • Durability and stability
  • Shock Absorption power
  • Perfect for a Freestyle Riding experience
  • Absence of the rotating hub
  • Does not feature pegs

Mongoose is not new to the game and producing bikes for years now. They are familiar with all of the rider’s needs, and the quality checkpoints that can make their bikes stand out of crowd.  In fact, whoever knows a few about BMX Bikes, can’t doubt the quality that the Mongoose is delivering.

Similar to their rest of the bikes, Mongoose Legion L60 is also the one that performs exceptionally and outranks many options, when it comes to the Mid-Priced bikes. The frame design, components quality, comfort, and performance are all factors that can make you convinced to buy it.

But wait!

Better to look at the features and offerings of the bike one by one in detail, before making any final decision.

Here they are;

  1. Frame

The frame is the heart of any bike and has to be of a higher quality. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the real BMX Bike experience. Or maybe would not be able to use it after a year or two. Considering all of these concerns, Mongoose has equipped their L60 bike with a higher quality frame, made up of high-tensile steel. No one can deny the fact, the frame quality is good enough that you will be able to ride it for years.

Despite being equipped with such a sturdy and durable frame, the overall weight of the bike is around 30 lbs. It may not be the lightest one, but does not even fall under the category of heavy bikes as well.

Further, the frames and the components are attached in the perfect manner to serve you with stability and easy maneuverability during your ride.

  1. Design

They just not make the frame of the higher quality, but also work on it to make it an attractive one as well. Though the design is minimal with some attractive graphics and just has the white paint on it.  But the riders are loving it.

If you are a rider of another type, and always love to fill his bike with a lot of patterns and graphics. You will have to get it done by yourself later on.

  1. Braking mechanism

If you are from those BMX Riders, who does not like the linear brake mechanism because it can stop you anywhere, even if you have accidentally hit the lever. Then, Legion L6 is the one designed for you, because it features only the rare brake. It allows you to slow down and stop the bike in a much better manner, without getting embarrassed about stopping the bike accidently.

  1. Gear

Legion L60 has the smaller 25/9 cassette setup installed in it, which makes it better at delivering the perfect ratio of gears. Ultimately, becomes an ideal bike for freestyle BMX Riders. Further, due to this, the ground clearance also helps the freestyle riders a lot, in enjoying their ride.

  1. Wheels

As per the requirement of the frame and the design, manufacturers added the wheelset of 36 spoke and larger axels. Consequently, the bike ensures you support and stability. Interestingly, despite these oversized wheel sets the bike does not become a heavier one. And the best part of its wheel is the traction, Shock absorption power due to the thickness and the smoothness of the ride.

Final Thoughts

There are some flaws like the absence of a rotating hub, no pegs. But it must not be a deal-breaker. Because you get a lot of features, and expert level performance, that you would hardly find any bike that comes under the same price range.

If you can’t afford to spend a lot on BMX Bike but loves to get the best performing bike, then you must grab the Mongoose Legion L60 without giving it any second thought.

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