Mongoose Legion L40 Review

If you are one of those who are struggling to find out the true freestyle BMX Bike, without spending a hefty amount of money. Then, there is no need to look around anymore. Mongoose Legion L40 is the one designed for you.

But Wait!

Don’t fall into the trap of its featured rich nature, as it’s not a fit for everyone. Therefore, we have crafted this Mongoose Legion L40 Review that will let you know everything about this particular bike. Eventually, you will be able to decide as per your needs either it’s a better choice to go with or not.

Let’s get right into the review;

Mongoose Legion L40 Review

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8Expert Score

  • The frame is made up of Hi-tensile steel
  • Compatible Gearing system with the freestyle riding
  • Smaller sprocket
  • Economical
  • Efficient brakes
  • Attractive
  • Does not required assembling efforts
  • Durable
  • Does not feature a cage for bottles
  • Can’t be used comfortably by old aged riders

There are many bikes available on the market that can easily catch the eyes of the buyer due to the attractive looks and the design patterns. Unfortunately, very few of them turned out to be best performing freestyle bikes. Therefore, you always need to be careful, whenever buying a BMX Bike. Otherwise, you would end up spending money on the choice which can’t be used after a year or two.

Luckily, Mongoose Legion L40 is not one of them. It has the credibility to stand out from the crowd in terms of durability, performance, comfort, and attractive look as well. From the craftsmanship to the quality parts, everything can make you amazed. Indeed, this would be the perfect deal for the entry-level riders, who are on the budget.

But better to make the final decision after going through an entire review!

Let’s start exploring the features of the bike one by one so that you get to know more about the bike. And can make an informed decision at the end;

Here we go;



The bike is constructed with a frame made up of steel material, which weighs around 37 lbs. Consequently, the frame ensures durability and allows you to ride it for years to come.

As far as the weight is concerned, the frame makes the bike weighs around 37 lbs. as well. It is neither the lightest one nor the heavier one. The rider can easily learn and perform the stunts on the bike with great stability. Though, you might have to face a little bit of difficulty in learning the jumping skill.


Pedals & sprocket

The bike is equipped with the 25/9 cassette setup and the smaller sprocket for offering you the perfect gearing mechanism, required for freestyle bike riding. Another added advantage of the smaller sprocket is the higher ground clearance.

Along with all that, the bike also features 3 piece tubular crank tubes and durable pedals made up of alloy.


Braking mechanisms

Similar to all other higher quality freestyle BMX Bikes, this bike also features dual U-brakes including the rare and the front one. Not to mention, to avoid cable getting tangled the rotating hub is installed in it. Resultantly, you can easily spin the handlebars without any hesitation or problem.



To support your freestyle riding experience, manufacturers have installed the alloy wheels of 36 spoke and the 20-inch length. All are in the black look including the rims and spoke as well.

No doubt, these freestyle oriented wheels are going to help you a lot in your freestyle riding journey.



After getting to know about the features and the quality that Mongoose delivers in this model, folks normally start considering it to be an expensive bike. But to your surprise, despite being the higher quality bike, you can buy it under 200 dollars. Surely, this is not much for what you are getting in return. From the quality of the components to the quality engineering of the bike, everything makes it an ideal choice for those who are looking for the perfect ratio of value and money.

Other interesting features

These aforementioned features are enough to convince you to grab this bike, but there are still some added features that we would love you to share as well;

  • Unlike other bikes, you won’t have to put the effort into assembling the bike, as it comes properly assembled.
  • The bike provides you a lifetime warranty, which makes your investment risk free. And even reflects the company’s trust in the quality of their product.


For the money you are spending on it, there seems to be no direct drawback associated with the bike. But the overall weight of the bike should be made lighter because the current weight of the bike can make it harder for new entrants to get the air and learn the jumping skill.

However, it can’t act as a deal-breaker, because there is no other option that provides you the same features, performance and lighter weight body under such a price range.

Who should buy Mongoose Legion L40?

The features and offerings of the bike reflect that this bike would be the right deal for those who are on a budget. Further, new entrants, who yet have to start off their freestyle riding journey.

Final Thoughts

All the features of the bike are in the favor of freestyle BMX Riders. There is no way that you could avoid grabbing this unit if you are not an aged rider. We would highly recommend you, give it a try for the durability, quality built up, performance, and design.

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