Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review

Bikes with fat tires are becoming increasingly popular these days. The main reason for that is they provide the grip and traction as no one else could. It doesn’t matter if you are riding over mud, snow, or even wet ground, you will surely enjoy the grip and traction of bikes with fat tires. One such impeccable bike with fit tires is the Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike that ticks all the boxes you want it to. It comes with fantastic features that work together well to give you an extremely versatile bike.

We feel that Mongoose Dolomite Bike is a great inclusion in the fat-tire bikes and lets you explore the outdoors like never before. It does a fantastic job on both sand and snow and has a fantastic paint job on its body. Let’s check the Mongoose Dolomite review of what this bike has to offer that makes it great.

Mongoose Dolomite Specifications

Lets’ have a look at this bike’s specifications….



Frame Size18 inch
Frame MaterialSteel Alloy
Gears7 Speed
BrakesDual Mechanical Disk Brakes
Wheel Size26 inch
Wheel Width4 inch
Rims4ʺ Alloy
Gear ShiftsTwist Shifters for Quick Changes
Bike TypeFat Tire MTB
Cranks3-piece Durable Cranks
AdjustabilityThreadless – Headset
Dimensions56ʺL x 27ʺW x 38ʺH
Available Colors3
Suspension TypeRigid
Weight48 lbs.

Mongoose Dolomite Review

1. Build

When we tell you that this bike has one of the best builds you will ever see then believe us that we are telling the truth. It is constructed with the best quality materials that depict well in its performance. Mongoose Dolomite Bike has a steel alloy frame which is one of the sturdiest materials available. You will be surprised to learn that it is a lightweight fat tires bike having a steel alloy frame. This feature is extremely helpful, especially when riding on tough terrains. It can easily withstand the amount of pounding that comes with mountain and off-road riding.

2. Frame Design

The frame design is the most important part of a mountain bike as everything relies on it. Luckily, the Mongoose Dolomite Fit Tire Bike has an impressive frame design that turns quite a few heads while the bike is on the road. It serves the important purpose of improving the geometry of this bike which in turn improves the rider’s comfort. It has a rigid suspension system that cooperates well with the frame design. The frame allows you have more control over this bike on difficult terrains. We are sure, you will a fantastic time riding this bike.

3. Height

Mongoose Dolomite Bike is only 38ʺ tall considering the fact that it has fat tires. This height is also suitable for most of the riders. There are no issues regarding the assembly of this bike so you can get on your way in no time. The 38ʺ height doesn’t support small riders but certainly gives more control and stability to most riders. Its low bottom bracket gives maximum power when riding through tough trails. This bike is also suitable for heavy riders as well. They won’t feel as though they are fighting against the bike at all.

4. Gears

Like most high-end fat tire bikes, the Mongoose Dolomite Bike also has a 7-speed gear system. You can choose any of the gears you have depending on the surface you are riding on. These gears make riding up and down the hills a lot easier and enjoyable. These gears have twist-style shifters to give you maximum control over them. It also allows you to shift through gears precisely and smoothly enhancing your bike riding experience.

5. Chain Functionality

Like any other bike’s chain, the fat tire bike chain is also there to propel the bike to move forward. But what’s different is, the chain on Mongoose Dolomite is specifically designed to improve the safety and efficiency of this bike. The chain on this bike is located at a position where it guides the front sprocket so that it doesn’t pop off. This also reduces the risk of your clothes getting stuck in the chain while you are pedaling. In this way, the chain on this bike improves the overall performance by giving you more power with less effort.

6. Wheels

Mongoose Dolomite Bike has huge 26ʺ wheels that make it stands out. The width of these wheels is 4ʺ which is pretty large comparing to your everyday bikes. Such large wheels also require fat tires which further increases the bike’s stability and support when you are off-roading. These huge wheels absorb all the bumps and drops to provide you with a comfortable riding experience. They are also built with very strong material to easily absorb all the pounding from difficult surface conditions.

7. Dual Disc Brakes

Mountain bike is made for off-road riding and difficult terrains. They require a powerful set of brakes to keep the rider and bike safe. When you are riding on steep trails, the brakes become even more essential than normal. You will be glad to know that this Mongoose Dolomite Bike comes with dual disc brakes that will stop the bike in no time. They get all your worries away when you are out riding on a dangerous mountain trail. The dual disc brakes coupled with the huge wheels will make your riding experience safe and enjoyable.


Mongoose Dolomite Review with Pros and Cons

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8Expert Score

  • Provides you great value for money.
  • Incredibly affordable bike
  • Extremely durable steel frame
  • Amazing bike aesthetics
  • Great geometry
  • Suitable for heavyweight riders
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide selection of gears
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Incredibly suitable fat tires
  • Smooth riding on all surfaces
  • Impressive stability
  • The bike is a little heavy
  • Unpleasant tire smell
  • Not suitable for people with short heights
  • Challenging to maneuver the bike
  • Undesirable brakes noise

Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike – FAQs

1. What is the total weight of this bike?

The total weight of this bike is 48 lbs.

2. What is the maximum tire pressure of this bike?

The tires of Mongoose Dolomite have a maximum pressure of 30 psi.

3. What is the maximum weight capacity of this bike?

Riders with a weight of 350 lbs. or less can ride this bike safely and comfortably.

Final Views

One can safely say that Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike is a great option if you are looking for an affordable fit tire bike. Most fat tire bikes can cost you a fortune but not in this case. It is a perfect bike for beginner and intermediate riders and will help you in becoming a master of the most demanding trails out there. It is a durable bike with some great features to offer you a comfortable riding experience. The stylish frame of the bike compliments the tires resulting in one of the most appealing bikes in the world.

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