Best BMX Sprocket 2021

Typically bike sprockets play an interesting role in designing the most reliable and durable BMX bike. However, when you initially take a look at them you find them quite simple and thought that this part cannot be important. Though some people even consider these parts in your BMX bikes as a low contributor. However, for the pro riders, the contribution of the sprockets is taken as the most critical part, contributing high during the BMX bike designing. Thus the choice of picking the sprockets by the riders depends upon its major contributing factor I.e. the number of teeth it contains.

We are agreed upon the statement that buying a perfect BMX sprocket is quite time-consuming and requires micro analysis while deciding. But once you hit the right sprocket you will eventually feel the big difference in your riding efficiency as it will affect the speed and indirectly improve your performance. Furthermore, the goof sprocket will let the rider pedal your BMX bike further without putting in a great amount of effort. Hence, you can have a smooth long ride.

In today’s article, we will figure out the few best BMX sprocket products available online and in the market, While enlisting our product the number of teeth on the sprocket is the key factor. Moreover, make sure you already check the preferences that are suitable for your chain too.

Comparison Table






Black Ops

Best BMX Sprocket 2021
  • 90 Grams weight

  • Durable

Big Roc

Best BMX Sprocket 2021
  • 63 Grams weight

  • Material Aluminum alloy

SUNLITE Single 1

Best BMX Sprocket 2021
  • 80 Grams weight

  • Material Steel

Haro Team

Best BMX Sprocket 2021
  • 65 Grams weight

  • Quality


Best BMX Sprocket 2021
  • 68 Grams weight

  • Durable

Black Ops Blade

Best BMX Sprocket 2021
  • 89 Grams weight

  • Great Quality

Sunday Sabretooth

Best BMX Sprocket 2021
  • 113 Grams weight

  • Durable

The Best BMX Sprocket 2021

While evaluating the attributes for your BMX sprockets such as teeth and weight make sure you consider all the key factors. As fewer teeth mean you can put less effort into your pedal and your pedal will work more efficiently. On the other hand, more teeth represent your bike will propel you to go farther with each step of the pedal. Similar lighter in weight requires low effort to propel the pedal.

Following is the list of best BMX sprockets with their key features we have a design for you.

Black Ops Micro Drive1. Black Ops Micro Drive

If you are the casual riders who ride BMX bikes on casual days to enjoy the good weather then this Black ops Microdrive sprocket is ideal for you. One of the major reasons behind this is the flexibility of the sprocket in terms of color and size. The rider can get the freedom of choice to buy this affordable sprocket from three different tooth sizes in two different color-ways. Furthermore, this sprocket also offers the rider a unique special feature. Hence the riders can have 1/8” quiet drive technology which enables them to cancel the noise and can also fit 3-pc BMX cranks. Moreover, it’s compatible with all the chain width available in the market.

Some other key features of this Black ops Microdrive sprocket include:

  • 90 Grams weight
  • CNC machined 6061 T-6 Aluminum is used while constructing
  • 25T, 28T & 30T are the number of Sprocket Teeth
  • Chain Compatibility is 1/8″ and 3/32″

Lastly, this Black Ops Micro Drive BMX sprocket is counted among durable BMX sprockets. Hence, making this a perfect choice for beginners as well as casual riders to safely invest in it. Although it is relatively heavier in weight and contains a thick width than other sprockets in the market. Also, it is made of CNC machined 6061-T6 alloy steel which has extremely hard-wearing.


Big Roc BMX Sprocket2. Big Roc BMX Sprocket

The Big Roc 25T Sprocket can be ideal for beginners. Hence, this easy to replace sprocket can turn their life easier. One of the key attributes of this sprocket lies in the price. Hence you can retain all the amazing features of a good sprocket at an inexpensive price.

Some other key features of this Big Roc 25T Sprocket include:

  • 63 Grams weight
  • Material Aluminum alloy 6061 for construction
  • 25T Sprocket Teeth
  • Chain Compatibility is 1/2″ X 1/8″

The overall performance of the Big Roc 25T Sprocket is quite the best. This sprocket won’t disappoint the riders who are looking for good quality and affordability. This product is suitable for the causal and beginners. Also, the key feature of this sprocket is ideally compatible with the bike chains of 1/2″ X 1/8″. Additionally this sprocket has23.8 mm diameter round hole at the center for the perfect fittings.


SUNLITE Single 1-Piece Chainring3. SUNLITE Single 1-Piece Chainring

One of the best budget-friendly BMX sprockets you can have on the market is Sunlite Single 1-Piece Chainring. The major reason behind being budget-friendly is the construction material used to manufacture this sprocket is steel. Also, this sprocket has been produced by SUNLITE, one of the most reputable manufactures of BMX parts in the USA.

Some other key features of this Sunlite Single 1-Piece Chainring sprocket include:

  • 80 Grams weight
  • Material Steel is used for construction
  • 28T, 32T, 44T, 46T, 48T, and 52T are the Sprocket Teeth
  • Chain Compatibility is 1/8″ and 3/32″

A call for all the casual riders looking for a simple way BMX sprocket then this Sunlite Single 1-Piece Chainring is just ideal to buy. The simple yet compatible steel design makes it good for your or any type of BMX chains. So purchase this as your next sprocket without any issue


Haro Team Vintage Disc Sprocket

4. Haro Team Vintage Disc Sprocket

When it comes to buying the best sprocket disc then Haro Team Vintage Disc Sprocket is the name you will hear from everyone. The reason behind its popularity involves high-quality construction. The high-end material used in manufacturing is CNC machined 6061 T-6 aluminum and the design of the sprocket was made by Hari Bicycle, the market-leading team.

Some other key features of this Haro Team Vintage Disc sprocket include:

  • 65 Grams weight
  • Material CNC machined from 6061 T-6 Aluminum is used for construction
  • 25T, 28T & 44T are the Sprocket Teeth
  • Chain Compatibility is 1/8″

So if you don’t want to compromise on the quality and looking for something that includes the best quality material for constructing a sprocket then the most suitable option for your BMX bike is Haro Team Vintage Disc Sprocket. Additionally, its attributes such as 19 mm and 22 mm crank spindle adapter make it more compatible while this product depicts as an impressive option that can easily outweigh its competitors in the market.


Origin8 BMX Chainring5. Origin8 BMX Chainring

So when it comes to durability, there are almost all the brands that claim high durability products but which one works best and justify the claim? Hence for us, the most durable BMX chaining available on the market is Origin8 BMX Chainring. There claim is due to the construction of the parts for this product is made up of CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum. Furthermore, for protection due to harsh weather conditions, it has a smooth finishing made of anodized.

Some other key features of this Origin8 BMX Chainring sprocket include:

  • 68 Grams weight
  • Material CNC machined 6061 T-6 Aluminum is used for construction
  • 38T, 40T, 44T, 46T, and 48T are the Sprocket Teeth
  • Chain Compatibility is 1/8″ and 3/32″

Due to the compatibility of a wide range of chains, this Origin8 BMX Chainring is ultimately the best piece in the market to buy.


Black Ops Blade BMX Chain Ring6. Black Ops Blade BMX Chain Ring

The other yet a relatively suitable and reliable substitute for your BMX setup is Black Ops Blade BMX Chain Ring. This substitute provides the tough steel-constructed design that is manufactured by one of the top leading BMX brands popular for manufacturing BMX parts.

Some other key features of this Black Ops Blade BMX Chain Ring sprocket include:

  • 89 Grams weight
  • Material steel is used for construction
  • 43T Sprocket Teeth
  • Chain Compatibility is 1/8″ X 3/32″

Hence, the overall review of Black Ops Blade BMX Chain Ring ensures great quality and can be used as an awesome replacement for the riders who are looking for either upgrade or replacing the previous sprocket. The chain compatibility of this makes it a highly regarded chain with many different riders.


Sunday Sabretooth BMX Sprocket

7. Sunday Sabretooth BMX Sprocket

So last but not least in our today’s bucket of best sprockets is Sunday Sabretooth. This sprocket is one of the most popular, in-demand and highly recommended by many BMX riders. The praise for this particular sprocket is due to its affordable price and high built quality by none other than the Sunday BMX brand.

Some other key features of this Sunday Sabretooth sprocket include:

  • 113 Grams weight
  • Material 6061-T6 aluminum is used for construction
  • 25T Sprocket Teeth
  • Chain Compatibility is 1/8″ X 3/32″

Due to 6061-T6 aluminum for construction, the Sunday Sabretooth is one of the most durable sprockets. Hence this enables the riders to add as much abuse as they can at it and you will still find it staying structurally sounded and tough. The thickness width of this is 6 MM that probably makes it the finest option for the riders to use during dirt or street BMX rides. Also, the matte black color is quite eye-catching and is suited for any BMX bike. The chain compatibility of this sprocket is also a great value to the money. Overall this sprocket is exceedingly a highly durable option among the BMX riders community.

Best BMX Sprockets – FAQs

How can riders make BMX bike sprocket faster?

  • For increasing low-end power, one can simply decrease the size of the front sprocket or increase the size of the rear sprocket
  • For increasing top speed, one can simply increase the size of the front sprocket or reduce the size of the rear sprocket

How do I choose a chain sprocket size?

To choose the size for your BMX chain sprocket you need to determine the number of teeth of the small sprocket. Hence the number of teeth for the large sprocket will be determined when you multiply the number of small sprocket teeth with the speed ratio. The recommended teeth on a small sprocket should be greater than 15 teeth and for the large sprocket, the number of teeth must be less than 120.

How do I know what chain size do I need?

To determine the size of your BMX chain, you must know the pitch of the BMX chain. If you just have the sprocket then use the caliper to measure the chain size. The center-to-center measurement where the chain roller set between the teeth will provide you the pitch or size of the chain. Once you know the pitch you can easily find the chain size.


Generally, the sprocket is just a one-piece attaches to the chain to improve efficiency and speed. However, while buying a sprocket you must drill into few fair things. These attributes can sway your choice from one or another way. The design and number of teeth in a sprocket are important factors to look into while buying but there are few other things you should recheck such as bash guard and spline or bolt drive before you make a final purchase.

So at the end of the day, it’s you that took the decision. The market has been filled up with a large number of sprockets and each holds different benefits and other properties based upon the riding style you are riding. Hence our suggested products will surely be your helping hand in choosing the right BMX sprocket while you are in purchasing mode.

Furthermore, for our newcomers and beginners, we have our recommendations. So for us, the best BMX sprocket till today’s market is “Black Ops MicroDrive”. This is so far the best sprocket in terms of specs, attributes, and other benefits. Furthermore, the compatibility of this sprocket is with almost all types of BMX bike chains. So with this, you don’t have to worry about compatibility as an issue. Also, this product comes with a warranty. Hence, the manufacture of this product gives a 6-month manufacturing warranty. So enjoy your tension-free ride.

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