Best BMX Handlebars Reviews 2022

When replacing the parts of your BMX bike, make sure you do not overlook the handlebars. Seemingly trivial, the bars of your bike play a significant role in how you handle it, and therefore, they should be considered with the utmost care before you make a purchase.

The handlebar is the connecting point and the maneuvering axle of any bike; the wider it is, the easier the riding becomes. On the contrary, a shorter handlebar feels twitchier. Purchasing the best handlebar for your BMX setup might be the hardest compared to other parts. This is because they all appear exactly the same, and consequently, an inexperienced buyer cannot fathom the minor details.

However, there are certain specs to consider, including width, height, materials used, weight, and above of all, the pricing to get the best of the BMX bike handlebars for your setup. We have filtered out the best 3 BMX handlebars, for this purpose, to assist your buying experience along with a complete buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions.

After a deep search and thorough review, we concluded with the following 3 BMX handlebars as our top-picks.

Comparison Table of Best BMX Handlebars





Wald MFG

Best BMX Handlebars Reviews 2022
  • Provides High-quality

  • Ideal for all types of riders

Pro Taper

Best BMX Handlebars Reviews 2022
  • Durable material

  • Durable coating

Black Ops

Best BMX Handlebars Reviews 2022
  • Reasonable price

  • an be fitted into all bikes

List of Top Best BMX Handlebars


Wald 8038GB City 5″ BMX HandlebarsMost comfortable BMX handlebar

Key Specifications:
30 x 5 x 3 inches dimensions
16 Ounces
Ideal for all types of riders with 5-inch mid-rise
Best BMX Handlebars Reviews 2022
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9Expert Score
Awesome Price

  • Have plenty of room with 27-inches width
  • High-quality powder coat does not get easily marred
  • May have to lengthen the brake cables
  • Might not be suitable for juveniles

This Rise Gloss handlebar by brand Wald MFG is extremely reasonable in terms of pricing. The overall cost is, in fact, pure value for money. To begin with, the handlebar is 27 inches wide, which provides enough space for the rider to spread their hands and steer stealthily.

The width is crucial for any standard racing BMX bike and must allow you enough room to install your grips, brakes, shifters, or mount. This handlebar has a mid-rise of 5 inches, which puts the rider in a comfortable position. An upright, relaxed posture is always recommended for a better driving experience. The rise of the handlebars is critical as it marginally influences the riding style.

For elderly riders, bending on the bike due to a low rise of the bar is not only tiresome but also a potential risk to their physical health. Similarly, tall people crossing over the 6.0″ height may find the low-risen bars not very suitable.

Consequently, Wald’s handlebar is high enough and the angle of the upsweep is correct enough for anyone to use with stem extenders for a comfortable ride. Moreover, Wald’s handlebar is made up of lightweight, sturdy steel material with a powder coating to it, and can easily fit on all standard bikes.


Pro Taper XR50 BMX HandlebarsMost durable BMX handlebar

Key Specifications:
29 x 6.8 x 1.6 inches dimensions
6 ounces
Coated with ultra-tough epoxy clear
Best BMX Handlebars Reviews 2022
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9Expert Score
Awesome Price

  • Can be fitted into any bike
  • Durable material and coating
  • Need to get longer cables and throttle
  • A bit heavy compared to other handlebars

This BMX handlebar is designed by Pro Taper in heavy-duty construction work. It is made up of Chromoly steel, which has high durability and strength and able to fit into any standard BMX bike. The bars are further heat-treated to boost their sturdiness.

On top of that, this BMX handlebar has a raw finishing of ultra-tough epoxy clear coat. This coating adds to the durability against wear, tear, or bent. It also protects the color from flaking and puts in a gloss to the bar. Scratches are almost invisible on the handlebars with epoxy coat-finishing.

The handlebar has a 7-inch rise, which is ideally high enough for all types of riders. They come with pads included, so you need not buy those separately. Pro Taper BMX Handlebars can be easily installed and come in a raw metal color with a blue tint to it.


Black Ops BMX HandlebarMost spacious BMX handlebar

Key Specifications:
Available in 2 different colors
Have 7/8 thickness
Best BMX Handlebars Reviews 2022
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9Expert Score
Awesome Price

  • Can be fitted into all bikes, even the large-framed ones
  • Reasonable price
  • Heavier than most handlebars
  • Unfinished paint-coating

Another handlebar produced from Chromoly steel, Black Ops MX handlebars are, needless to say, long-lasting and strong. The handlebar is 27.5 inches wide, which provides customers with plenty of room to fit lights, bell, speedometer, etc.

The rise of Black Ops BMX handlebar is 8.25 inches, which is perfect for any rider to drive around freely in a healthy posture. The thickness is 7/8 thickness, while the handlebars weigh 2.4Lbs, which is slightly more than the average weight.

Good welding brings Chromoly steel to solid construction, and the two eye-grabbing colors make it a favorite pick. Another plus is their ability to fit into even large-framed bikes such as cruiser bikes.

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Buying Guide

For a first-time buyer of BMX handlebars, the inventory can appear quite tricky in terms of which to select and what to check. Almost all BMX handlebars look and read the same, with a few changes here and there in the geometry, material, color, or any other add-ons. On the contrary, these are the key points that help us characterize the best handlebar in the market.

To make your purchase easier for you, below are the specks to consider foremost when selecting a new handlebar for your BMX setup.

The material

Most handlebars are made up of aluminum, Chromoly, and carbon fiber. Out of the three, Chromoly material is the premium in quality because it is highly durable and strong. Chromoly steel is also used to manufacture other auto-parts of a bike. Therefore, for a strong and sturdy handlebar that will not be bent anytime soon, Chromoly should be your ultimate choice.

Some riders like to keep their handlebars light. Aluminum and carbon-fiber are lightweight materials that are suitable for racing but can bend under a lot of pressure.

The measurements:

You must be mindful of the width and the height. The width of the handlebar measures from one bar to the other. The broader it is, the smoother the riding experience. A wide handlebar also gives better leverage and is easier to push. However, they are not exactly easy to spin.

On the other hand, the rise of the bars is measured from the bottom stem to the highest part. These should range from mid-rise to high-rise, as it compels the rider into a safer and comfortable posture.

The type:

Handlebars differ in type with being either 2-piece or 4-piece. The former is more lightweight and most commonly used, whereas the other one is uncommon and does not particularly influence the riding style.

The add-ons:

Additional features such as epoxy coating or heat-treatment can influence your buying decision. Either feature makes the handlebars more enduring.

Top 10 BMX handlebar brands

  1. Wald
  2. Pro Taper
  3. Black Ops
  4. Topcabin
  5. Alienation
  6. Odyssey
  7. YYTL
  8. Cycle Group
  9. Retro Spec
  10. Big Roc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Are these handlebars able to fit on all bikes?

Yes, these can be installed on any standard bike. However, you may have to re-route or lengthen your brake and/or throttle cables.

2) Which material of handlebar should I select for freestyle riding?

Ideally, lightweight aluminum and Chromoly steel are best for any type of riding, including intense pushes so that the handlebars do not bend.

3) What are upsweep and backsweep?

The upsweep is the angle of the top-grip section of the bar with your wrist. It should be at a perfect angle to connect the inner and outer-wrist with the bar grip for maximum comfort and impact absorption. Similarly, the backsweep is the backward angle of the top bar with the grip section. Both of these angles are important to prevent wrist injury in case of shock or impact.

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