Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022

Whether you are new to BMX Bike riding, or have some experience, and are looking for advice about the best BMX bike brands in the market, then this article is just right for you. This is my essential buying guide about the BMX Bike, which can help you in identifying the right BMX bike for your style.

As a seasoned BMX bike rider and a huge fan of different styles of BMX bikes and riding, this article will give you the direction you require to recognize the very best BMX bike brands that are offering great BMX bikes online. I have concentrated on several different factors of the bicycles that these best BMX bike brands provide because they have a direct impact on your riding performance.

However, my list is not based on a set of predetermined rules for the placement on this list. The positions of the best BMX Bike brands are entirely based on their reputation within the BMX Bike community, their popularity, and their bike sales.

You will also find various flagship BMX bikes from the best BMX Bike brands in the post. I hope to provide a solid learning ground for new riders that are looking to purchase a BMX bike.

Comparison Table of Best BMX Bikes 2022





Mongoose Legion

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Full brake system

  • Lightweight

Schwinn Predator

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Minimal maintenance

  • Excellent quality

Redline PL 26

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Lightweight

  • Great bike

SE So Cal Flyer

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Attractive design

  • Lightweight

Redline Bikes

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Bike for beginners

  • Cheap Price

KENT 20"

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Excellent features

  • Attractive design

Razor High

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Fast to assemble

  • Rides smooth

Dave Mirra Boys

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Decent quality

  • Attractive design

Redline Bikes MX Junior

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Excellent entry-level bike

  • Integrated saddle and seat

  • Lightweight

Elite 20″ Stealth BMX

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Superior Strength

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to assemble

X-Games FS20

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Smooth riding

  • Maximum Clearance

  • Affordable 

 Throne Cycles the Goon 29″ BMX

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Solid, Durable built-quality

  • High strength

  • Easy to assemble

Mafiabikes Kush 2

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Excellent quality tires

  • Sturdy built-quality

  • Attractive design

SE BIKES, Ripper 20″

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to maintain

  • Top-notch built quality

Razor Agitator 

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Sturdy steel frame

  • Four axle pegs included

  • Highly affordable

Radio Helium 24″

Best BMX Bikes and Brands of 2022
  • Excellent built-quality

  • Lightweight 

  • Smooth riding experience

Best BMX Bikes 2022 

BMX bikes have been a popular choice among serious bike riders for a long time. Thanks to the global popularity for freestyle, racing, street, and dirt riding, you can find thousands of options with different features, materials, and unique selling points. Having such a large pool of choices can make choosing the right one confusing and complicated.

I remember the time I had to search for the BMX bike for myself. Figuring out what I needed, the best BMX bikes available in the market, comparing their features, and making the final decision took me a long time. It was a lot harder because good reviews were rare, which is why, in today’s post, I have decided to steer you towards the best BMX bikes of the current year and a practical yet straightforward guide that will help you identify the best BMX bikes for your needs.

1. Mongoose legion L100 BMX Bike 

Frame:A Full 4130 Chromoly frame, removable brake mounts, mid-BB shell, and a 21-inch top tube length.
Stem and Headset:50mm stem and threadless sealed integrated headset for maximum steering performance.
Handlebar: 4130 Chromoly handlebar
Handlebar:4130 Chromoly handlebar
Cranks:175 millimeter 2-piece tubular Chromoly hollow spindle cranks with a 25T alloy chainring and mid sealed bearing bottom bracket
Tires:20 inches x 2.4 inches tires mounted on full aluminum double wall
Front Hub:36H rims with 3/8 inches female axle front hub
Rare Hub:9T cog sealed bearing cassette rear hub
Brake:Alloy U-brake and brake levers

Mongoose is amongst the oldest best BMX bike brands. I highly recommend and trust this world-renowned BMX Bike brand because it offers a massive range of top-class quality best BMX bikes for beginners and advanced riders.

I have tried several best BMX bikes from their Legion versions, and I have never faced any issues with the built qualitydurability, and overall BMX riding experience. The Mongoose Legion version starts from L10 (the beginner level) to L100 (the highest professional level).

Here are some other Mongoose Legion Series bikes:

Similar to other Mongoose Legion range BMX bikes, L100 also offers an excellent range of features for a reasonable price. 

  • Equipped with a full brake system for safety
  • Lightweight yet highly durable BMX Bike
  • Perfect starter BMX bike
  • Complains about the complicated assembly process

2. Schwinn Predator Team-24 

Key Features:

Frame:Full Chromo
Stem:RL Aluminum HollowPoint 55mm
Handlebar:Chromo 7.5″ Rise/ 28.5″ Wide 10° Back, 4° Up, Chrome Finish
Cranks:Classic Flight Cranks, Dual Pinch, Chromo, w/Chrome Finish and Retro Decal, 180mm
Tires:Tioga PowerBlock 26 x 2.10″
Front Hub:36H rims with 3/8 inches female axle front hub
BrakeTektro 930AL Linear   

Schwinn Predator Team 24 is not only amongst the best BMX bikes when it comes to impressive built quality and affordable price, but it is a statement BMX bike that will make heads turn. I adore the unique retro style of the Schwinn Predator Team 24 BMX bike. 

Although Schwinn Predator Team 24 is amongst my top three favorite best BMX bikes, however, you cannot find adequate details about its specifications. Thus, it is a challenge for beginners to compare Schwinn Predator Team 24 with other best BMX bikes and make a well-informed buying decision. 

  • A unique retro style design 
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Excellent built quality
  • Incomplete specifications available online

3. Redline PL 26

Redline PL 26 BMX is designed for true sports enthusiasts! Its full chromo frame makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver yet reliable and durable. Which makes Redline PL 26 BMX one of the best BMX bikes for both racing and riding

Some riders have complained about its seat being too hard because it does not have any cover or padding. However, if you compromise on the seat quality, you will not be disappointed by the overall built quality and durability of the Redline PL 26 BMX bike.

Key Features:

Frame:Full Chromo
Stem:RL Aluminum HollowPoint 55mm
Handlebar:Chromo 7.5″ Rise/ 28.5″ Wide 10° Back, 4° Up, Chrome Finish
Cranks:Classic Flight Cranks, Dual Pinch, Chromo, w/Chrome Finish and Retro Decal, 180mm
Tires:Tioga PowerBlock 26 x 2.10″
Front Hub:36H rims with 3/8 inches female axle front hub
BrakeTektro 930AL Linear   
  • Quick and convenient to put together
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Great bike for speed lovers
  • Slow delivery time

4. SE So Cal Flyer 24 

Since SE Bikes’ inception in 1970 to date – SE Bikes are not only famous for their excellent built quality, but they are also renowned for their unique and attractive design and competitive prices.

SE So Cal Flyer 24 BMX Bike is made of an aluminum frame, which means that it is not only lightweight but also highly reliable. This SE bike is also a fantastic option if you are looking for a motorcycle for practicing BMX stunts and tricks as well as racing. Thus, SE So Cal Flyer 24 BMX Bike is amongst my most recommended best BMX bikes for beginners. 

Key Features:

Frame:Lightweight 6061 aluminum floral tubing frame with Euro bottom bracket and SE Wave dropouts
HeadsetTange 1-1/8″ Threadless
Stem:Retro Alloy Top-Load, 55mm Reach
Bars:Big Honkinish Cruiser Bar, 28.5″ x 6.5″, 10° Backsweep, 1° Upsweep
Cranks:SE 3-pc Cr-Mo, 180mm, Euro-Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket, 150mm Spindle Length, 19mm Spindle Diameter, 39T SE Sprocket
Rear Hub:SE Racing Alloy 36H Hubs
Forks:Landing Gear
  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Flyer seat w/ super grip top cover
  • Complains about assembly issues

5. Redline Bikes Recon 20

Redline is widely trusted for its best BMX bike range for both beginners and professional BMX riders. Similar to other BMX bikes from Redline, the Redline Bikes Recon 20 Freestyle BMX offers an impressive range of features, sturdy yet lightweight built quality, and an excellently smooth riding experience.

Although Redline Bikes Recon 20 Freestyle BMX lacks a few basic features like pegs, however, for the price, you get ample features to practice your BMX freestyle riding like a pro. 

Key Features:

HeadsetThreadless, 1 1/8″
StemHi-Rise Top Load, 50mm 
Bars:Hi-Ten 8.25 Rise/ 28″ Wide/ 12 deg Back/ 1 deg Up
Crank:100% Chromo 3pc, 170mm 
Rear Hub:Aluminum, Semi-sealed, Chromo 14mm axle
Forks:Hi-Ten, Tapered leg
SeatMonster Fat Padded Combo Saddle w/ 25.4 Post
  • Great bike for beginners
  • Not too expensive
  • Sleek, copper frame design
  • Poor quality tires

6. KENT 20″

KENT 20″ Ambush Boys’ BMX Bike is one of the reliable and sturdy yet affordable BMX bikes that I have ever tried. I have practiced BMX stunts and tricks for months on this BMX bike, and I never face a single issue with its performance and built quality.

The welded steel frame of the KENT 20″ Ambush Boys’ BMX Bike offers the stability and durability required to take freestyle riding on different terrains, even rough roads. 

Key Features:

Frame:Front peg set TIG-welded BMX steel frame 
Stem:Four-bolt alloy
BrakesFront and rear caliper brakes
Wheels: 20-inch wheels
Pedals: Plastic pedals
Seat: BMX saddle with the quick-release Seatpost clamp
  • Excellent features for the price
  • Bright, attractive design
  • Comes with easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Marketed for boys only

7. Razor  FS20

Radio is one of the best BMX brands because BMX professionals design all of Radio’s BMX bikes. No matter if you are starting out or you are on a pro-level of BMX riding and stunts’ performances, Radio’s BMX bikes will never let you down. 

Razor FS20 is famous for its range of features and attractive design, Razor High Roller FS20 is excellent for performing stunts and tricks as it is made with a Full 4130 Chromoly frame, front and rear brakes, and front-wheel pegs.

If you want to buy a pro-level freestyle bike, Razor High Roller FS20 is amongst the best BMX bikes that I always recommend to BMX enthusiasts. For the price, Razor High Roller FS20 comes with a fantastic range of features that are usually available in high-end BMX bikes.

Key Features:

Frame: Strong High Tensil Steel Frame and Fork
Stem:4 Bolt Stem
Tires: 20 inches
Pegs: Front Wheel Pegs
Brake: Alloy levers for front and rear side pull handbrakes
  • Strong built quality
  • Sturdy Chromoly frame.
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Rides smooth
  • The rear brake is hard to adjust.

8. Dave Mirra Boys 20-Inch

Dave Mirra Boys 20-Inch Redefin/Mirraco Bike is amongst my top 8 favorites because this budget bike is has a reliable yet lightweight frame. The Dave Mirra bike is a great entry-level bike as it is easy to maneuver and offers exceptional stability while performing stunts on different terrains.

If you wish to find the best BMX bike with all the essential features and durable built quality, but you are on a strict budget! The Dave Mirra Boys 20-Inch Redefin/Mirraco is one of the best BMX bikes if you want exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Key Features:

Frame: 4130 Chromoly Frame
Stem: Threadless top-mount
Brakes: Alloy rear Tektro rim brakes
Wheels: 20-inch wheels
Grips: Dual Density
  • Decent quality for the money
  • Bright, attractive design
  • Great entry-level BMX
  • Difficult assembly

9. Redline Bikes MX Junior

Redline is one of the best BMX Bike brands not only because of its fantastic range of bikes for all BMX style riding and all level riders but also for their commitment to quality and durability.

I have practiced my freestyle BMX riding on a Redline bike for years, and its performance and solid built quality have never disappointed me. 

MX junior is always on the top of my list when it comes to recommending the best entry-level BMX bike that is suitable for kids and smaller adults.

Redline MX 24 Bike has been designed for all the entry-level BMX Riders, who are just looking forward to somehow get into BMX Sports. The bike is lighter in weight and easy to maneuver, despite being not properly skilled, you will still be able to enjoy the ride without facing any issues.

For keeping the bike at the lower cost possible, while not compromising on the quality and durability, the bike is manufactured with an aluminum frame. No matter, how rough your use will be, the bike will keep serving you for years.

Other best things about the bike are the performance, traction, and speed of the tires. And to enhance the performance level, they have also installed the pivotal bike seat, which helps you to be on different angles during the ride. Unlike other bikes, the installed seat also allows you to adjust it conveniently. What else do you need?

Key Features:

Frame: 6061 Alloy w/Integrated headtube
Headset: Integrated 1″
Handlebar: RL Race Aluminum 
Cranks: Race Aluminum 3pc, 155mm
Rear Hub: Redline Aluminum
Forks: RL Race Hi-Ten w/ Tapered legs
Seat: RL Race Integrated – w/22.2 Post
  • Excellent entry-level bike
  • Integrated saddle and seat
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Susceptible to corrosion

10. Elite 20″ Stealth BMX

Here comes another featured-pack freestyle bike that can be purchased easily without putting a dent in your pocket. From the appearance to the performance, in every area, it will leave you surprised.

Along with the 20”, it also comes in the frame of 16”, which used to be made up of high-tensile steel for durability and longevity. More importantly, the sturdy frame construction makes you able to ride it for almost every riding style.

Despite being budget-friendly, the tires of this bike perform incredibly. Indeed, there is no way that you get failed to experience the softer landing with this bike. Long story short, the speed, control, perfect comfortable landing, and traction is all that you will experience while riding this bike.

Along with all this, it features 25/9 gearing with the single-speed mechanism, and the handlebar of two-piece type for durability and reducing overall weight.

We would recommend it to you for the comfortable riding experience, sturdy design, and versatile use.

Key Features:

Frame: Hi-tensile steel frame with a 1-inch standard headtube
Headset: 1 1/8″ standard unsealed
Stem: Stealth Alloy top load stem – 50 mm reach
Bars: Hi-tensile steel (8.75″ Rise) 
Cranks: 1-piece Chromoly, 170mm
Hub: F 3/8 & R 14mm
Forks: Hi-tensile steel 1 1/8 
Tires: 16 x 2.5″
  • Superior Strength
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to assemble
  • Susceptible to corrosion

11. X-Games FS20

X-Games is currently one of the best BMX brands in the industry. Innovation, quality, and affordability are X-Games’ top three priorities. 

The X-Game team includes experienced BMX riders and enthusiasts. Therefore, you will never experience any issues with the performance quality of any of the BMX bikes by X-Games. 

When I first started practicing BMX stunts, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the X-Games FS20. The highly impressive gyro/rotary system helped me perform 360 degrees Ariel spin stunts like a pro.

Key Features:

Frame: Hi-Ten steel
Stem: 4 bolt alloy
Handlebar: X-Games Bar
Cranks: 1-piece steel, 32T
Rear Brake: Gyro V-Brake System
Forks: Tig welded steel
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Maximum Clearance
  • Affordable option
  • Assembly is a challenge

12. Throne Cycles the Goon 29″ BMX

Since 2011 Throne Cycles has proved time and time again when it comes to the best BMX Bike brands, Throne Cycles takes the crown for its fantastic features and durable built-quality.

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro BMX rider, you will surely be thoroughly impressed by the smooth-riding experience and sturdy built quality of the Throne BMX Cycles. 

I have practiced BMX riding on bikes from nearly all of the best BMX brands, but I must admit that Throne Cycles the Goon 29″ BMX’s performance is incomparable.

Key Features:

Frame: Tig Welded Alloy 6061-T6
Headset:1 1/8″ Throne Sealed Bearing
Stem:1 1/8in
Handlebars: 810mm Wide Alloy BMX / 140mm Tall
Cranks: Throne Alloy 39T 110BCD
Hubs: Throne HEX 16T Fixed/ Flip Flop
Forks: 1 1/8″ Cr-Mo Fork
Tires: 29″ x2.10
  • Solid, Durable built-quality
  • High strength
  • Easy to assemble
  • A pricy option

13. Mafiabikes Kush 2

Thus, Mafiabikes Kush 2 and all of their other bikes have unique designs, so with Mafiabikes, you get the best of both worlds (features and design).

Key Features:

Frame: Sturdy quality frame
Bars: Big 29″ Bars with an 8.5″ rise
Quality Grips, 25/9 Gearing.
Rare Brake System: U-Brake
Tire: 2.4″ Lagos Crawler Tyres
  • Excellent quality tires 
  • Sturdy built-quality
  • Attractive design
  • Slightly bulky

14. SE BIKES, Ripper 20″ BMX

Although I have tried several other bikes from SE BIKES, Ripper 20″ BMX is hands down my all-time favorite.

Key Features:

Frame: 6061 Aluminum Floval Tubing with a 68mm Wide Euro Bottom Bracket and SE Wave Dropouts
Headset: Tange 1-1/8″ Threadless
Stem: SE Racing Top-Load Alloy w/ Weight-Saving Cutouts, Hidden Top Cap, 40mm Reach
Handlebar: SE Wing Bar, 25.5″ x 7″, 11° Backsweep, 3° Upsweep
Cranks: SE 3-pc 6061 Alloy, 170mm, Euro-Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket, 117.5mm Spindle Length, 38T Chainring
Forks: Landing Gear
Tires: Vee Tire Co x SE Racing Cub, 20″ x 2.0″ Front & Rear
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Easy to maintain
  • Top-notch built quality
  • Comprehensive details available
  • Expensive

15. Razor Agitator Freestyle BMX Review

Affordability is the key to Razor’s widespread success. If you do a price vs feature comparison, there are not many best BMX Bike brands in the market that offer such a wide range of features for an affordable price range as Razor does.

The only complaint that I have with Razor is the severe lack of information about their BMX bikes. You may not find all the information that you require online. 

Therefore, I highly recommend consulting a professional before making the final buying decision. 

Key Features:

Frame: Steel frame with a striking brushed finish
Rear Brake: Front alloy caliper brakes
Rear Brake: Front alloy caliper brakes
Wheels: Mag wheels
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Four axle pegs included
  • Highly affordable
  • Limited information available online

16. Radio Helium 24″ BMX Bike Review

Radio is one of the best BMX brands because BMX professionals design all of Radio’s BMX bikes. No matter if you are starting out or you are on a pro-level of BMX riding and stunts’ performances, Radio’s BMX bikes will never let you down.

If your bank account allows you to splurge on your BMX Bike, then I would highly recommend you to spend your hard-earned money on Radio Helium 24″ BMX. 

No matter how many times I practice and perform on the Radio Helium 24″ BMX, the excellence of its performance always comes to me as a surprise.

Key Features:

Frame: Hydroformed 6061 T6 alloys with forged dropouts and 1 1/8″ -1.5″ taper headtube
Headset“PRO” int. headset, sealed bearing, one 1/8″-1.5″, inc. fork crown converter
Stem: Radio: “Xenon Pro” top loading stem, cold-forged/CNC alloy, 53mm reach 
Bars: Full 4130 seamless CrMo
Cranks: RADIO “Xenon Pro” cold-forged alloy 2pc crank, 180mm long
Forks: Full CrMo, 1 1/8″ butted steerer 
Brakes: PROMAX “MV-85” alloy brake rear
Tires: Tioga “Power Block” tires, 24″ x 1.75″ front & 24″ X 1.6″ rear
  • Excellent built-quality
  • Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Expensive option
  • Difficult to find

List of Best BMX Bikes Brands 2022

Best BMX Bikes And Brands

1. Sunday

Sunday is a New York-based BMX bike brand established in 2005 for professional bikers by a pro biker himself, Jim Cielencki. The brand started as a way to offset the problems of 1980s bikes that had higher weight and less reliable performance. But later on, the brand also started offering the rest of BMX Bike parts including, Seats for BMX Bikes, handlebars, paddles, etc.

Sunday bikes can withstand street riding, tricks in the park, and even dirt biking. Their bikes have everything a pro would need: hollow dropouts, wave tubing, and even 41-Thermal heat-treating.

The best Sunday BMX bikes for 2022 are the Primer and Scout lines. The Primer is a pro-level bike that comes with features like a fully sealed rear cassette hub, a Sunday Freeze Stem and an FSA Headset.

The prices for pro bikes like the Primer can be a little steep, though, which is why the brand offers the Scout series. Scout bikes have fully sealed hubs, Odyssey signature grips, a Springfield Brake system, Path Pro tires, and the Odyssey Twisted Pro pedal.

Sunday BMX well-rounded bikes are moderately priced, but their street bikes can be expensive. The street bikes come in the $500 to $700 range while their well-rounded options are priced between $200 and $500. Well-rounded BMX bikes work anywhere in a desert, mountain, or city.

2. We the People

We The People is a German BMX brand that has been a household name in biking since the early 90s. Stephan Prantl, Stefan Rose, and Lars Dorsch founded the brand to allow international BMX bike riders to have higher speeds and better styles at affordable prices.

The bikes are known for their excellent style options; however, they do not come with full Chromoly frames.

The brand has actually expanded to provide a wide range of styles and pricing options. The prices are ordinarily around $400 and $500 dollars so affordability might be a problem for bikers on a budget.

We the People can be a great brand for bikers at any level, even beginners who want to start BMX riding. All customers need to do is select sizing and specification requirements for the bikes on the brand’s website.

Some of the best BMX bikes by the brand are the Arcade BMX bikes. They have been top sellers and offer two colors and sizes. Arcade comes in Translucent Blue colorway and Matt Black, with 20.5 inch and 21-inch sizing options. Its features include the Salt sealed cassette hub, Comp socket, Fraction rims, and Tracer 2.35 inch tires.

3. Kink

Kink began in 1994 in Rochester and was founded by Aaron Zack Phillips. Kink’s defining features are its style and colorway options. The brand grew popular for its looks and the agile speed and strength of its bikes.

The price ranges for the BMX options are affordable, as well, with most bikes priced below $300. The kink may not have the pro-level Chromoly frames of other brands; it works best for bikers on a budget who are beginners or intermediate BMX bike racers. Their 20-inch size options are great for children, too.

The Kink Curb BMX is 2020’s best offering by the brand. It comes in four colors: Matte Guinness Black, Gloss Smoked Red, Gloss Cantaloupe Splatter, or Gloss Atomic Mint.

Its features include the 8.75-inch Kink Human CC bars and 3-piece tubular Chromoly cranks. These additions can help bikers practice tricks in bike parks and race down the street, but the bikes might not be able to perform as well on rough terrain.

The starter bike also comes outfitted with a raised Mission Control TL stem and Kink Paragon grips to deliver optimum performance. Its push-in Kink Thrust bar ends, and 2.4-inch tires create great control, movement, and speed.

4. Fit

S&M Bikes established Fit Bike Co. in 1999 as a manufacturer of BMX bike parts. It was a year later produced their iconic first product the Made in the USA, SERIES ONE bike frame.

The biking company focuses on affordable BMX bike options for beginners, encouraging newcomers to join the sport. Pro and intermediate BMX bikers might also love the products they sell.

However, professional bikers might not get the advanced features they need for dirt biking or advanced, competitive bike sporting events. The brand is then the one-stop destination for all those who need to practice biking on a non-competitive level.

Fit BMX bikes are known for their fully sealed and full Chromoly-fitted features that are the perfect tools for first-timers. Each bike is moderately-priced with most of their high-tech, full-featured bikes costing between $300 and $400.

The company’s new Fit Series One is the talk of the 2022 BMX market. The newly-launched product has a 20.5-inch top tube and a full Chromoly. The bike is lightweight with a total weight of 25.8 pounds.

The Fit Series One is also outfitted with a free coaster, three-piece cranks, pegs, double-wall rims, and pegs making the bike highly functional and adaptable.

5. Haro

Haro is almost synonymous with BMX. Started by Bob Haro, the brand made number plates before it transitioned into manufacturing complete bikes and offering all of the parts like BMX street tires, bars, and even apparel.

The prices for the Haro BMX bike range tend to run a little higher, with one bike costing anywhere between $600 and $1000. However, the price is worth it. The bikes last years and come with excellent features like padded seats, 4 peg options, and double-wall rims.

However, not all bicycles have steep prices. The Haro Mongoose might be an iconic affordable option for competitive biking as it comes in the $300 range. Most of the Haro BMX biking options are for intermediate or professional bikers.

For better performance, however, The Haro Downtown Bike is the perfect option for BMX biking. The bike was launched in 2018 and was popularized because of its sleek look. The pro bike has several high-quality features that can enhance the biking experience. These include a fully-sealed bearing, integrated headset, and a full Chromoly 2 piece crank.

The bike is also unique in its price range for including mid-Bottom Brackets, lineage-style stems, and 25t sprockets. Most of these features are found in costly, high-end bikes, making the Downtown a steal at $472.

6. Mongoose

When it comes to the BMX bike brands of all time, Mongoose is hands-down, the most popular and trusted BMX brand in the market. From beginners to intermediate to pro-level, Mongoose is widely known for its extensive range of high-quality, durable BMX bikes.

From 1974 to date, Mongoose has not failed to impress BMX bikers with its designs, quality, and pricing.  The Legion range is amongst the most popular BMX bikes range by Mongoose.

7. Elite

Elite BMX is one of the best BMX brands when it comes to offering an extensive range of mid-range, top-notch quality BMX bikes. 

Whenever a BMX fan asks me to recommend them a BMX bike that would tick all their requirements without breaking their bank, I always recommend Elite BMX.


The history of SE BIKES dates back to 1977. Since the very first day to date, SE BIKES has successfully delivered BMX bike models that do not only last long but also offer incomparably impressive performance. 

What I adore about SE BIKES as compared to other best BMX Bike brands in the fact that all of the information about the features and specs of each BMX bike is transparently mentioned on their website. So, you are sure about what features you are paying for, and you are not taking a gamble. 

Buyer’s Guide for Best BMX Bikes

Are you searching for a quality BMX bike? Then you must understand that the right BMX bike for you might not be the same as someone else. Just because your friend or someone else you know has a BMX bike that fits all their needs, it doesn’t mean that you should get the same thing.

You must be mindful of various factors when you are choosing a bike for yourself to ensure that you get the best BMX bike performance. Whether you are buying BMX Bikes for kids, beginners, or an adult, the consideration is mostly the same.

My suggestion is that you find out some great options, check their availability, and then figure out which one is the best BMX for you.

Following are some of the factors that you should be mindful of when choosing the Best BMX bike:

1. Materials

In general, entry-level BMX bikes for freestyle, as well as racing, are made from the steel composite Chromoly 4130, which is a great cost-effective material that offers considerable strength to the different parts of the BMX bike. The unique features of the Chromoly 4130, also make the BMX Bike lightweight because the cylindrical tube is thinner towards the middle while being reinforced at the ends, which adds strength and durability.

Irrespective of the style of BMX Bike riding, it is crucial that you choose a BMX bike made from quality materials that provide durability and comfort. Busted sprockets and forks with cracks are the last things that you need. It is especially important that if you are a BMX Bike racer, then your bike frame is lightweight to ensure that it doesn’t slow you down and allows optimal maneuverability. I suggest that you go for an aluminium frame.

You can also splurge on carbon fiber frame BMX bikes, which are more comfortable to ride, weigh less than the aluminium frame bikes, and are more convenient to handle. However, carbon fiber BMX bikes are more expensive. Their ability to minimize vibrations and easier maneuverability make them a preferred choice among seasoned racers.

Other than the frame and the fork of the bike, pay attention to the durability of the bike’s hub. Also, consider additional features like the sprockets and stem. In some cases, you can change small parts of the bike to improve the overall experience.

2. Frame Size

It is common for different riders to have personal preferences when it comes to choosing the Best BMX bike. 

If you are a beginner or buying a BMX bike for someone else, then consider the frame size according to the height and riding style.

Following are basic guidelines of BMX Bikes Frame Sizes that you can follow when choosing a BMX bike for kids or adults:

  • Micro Minis: For BMX riders 4 ft or under – the best 15 inch BMX bikes are suitable.
  • Minis: For BMX riders 4′ to 4’6″ – the best 16 inch BMX bikes are suitable.
  • Juniors:  For BMX riders 4.4″ to 4.10,” –  the best 17 to 18 inch BMX bikes are suitable.
  • Experts: For BMXriders 4’8″ to 5’4″ – the best 18 to 20 inch BMX bikes are suitable.
  • Pros: for BMX riders 5’4″ to 5’10” – the best 20 to 22 inch BMX bikes are suitable.
  • Pro XL and XXL: for BMX riders 5’10” and up – the best Bike 22 to 24 are suitable.

The wheel size remains consistent across the different frame sizes. It is of vital importance that you check the frame size and riding style of the bikes. Commonly, freestyle BMX bikes have a standard 21″ top tube, which provides riders ample room to perform tricks that involve swinging the bike under them. For BMX street riding, flatland frames are often preferred because they are lighter and shorter for optimal control and balance.

In contrast, racing BMX bikes have a design that is optimized for better handling and stability for speed.  The slacker head angle and longer wheelbase place the rider further back on the frame of the bike. So, be mindful of how the bike will be used, learn about a bike’s features, and then choose one that fits your needs.

3. Tires

The tires are another significant consideration for any BMX Bikes buyer. The BMX Bike grip, speed, and handling of the bike are heavily reliant on the tires. The rising style will also determine what type of BMX bike tires you will need. For street or skate park riding, wider tires with a smooth-rolling tend are great. Those who are out for riding on dirt treks should look for options that offer better traction and a lower pressure for improved grip.

The great thing is that with BMX Bike tires, you aren’t limited to one choice. Unlike other parts of the BMX bikes like the frame and fork, you can have different casings, which you can easily switch. You can also replace the original BMX Bikes tires that your bike comes with for a better option, which means you will not be restricted in your choice.

4. Gears, Brakes, and Other Features

Although BMX bikes are simple machines that don’t have many gears, however, the riding style determines the changes in some aspects of the BMX bikes such as the sprocket and chainring teeth or what is commonly known as gear ratio.

A larger chainring and sprocket allow more explosive power and speed that is needed for racing. Alternatively, in freestyle BMX bikes, the shorter chainring and sprocket improve clearance in tricks.

Furthermore, consider the quality of the brakes and their type in the bikes you are looking at. Ensure that they will provide the stopping power you need. If you are looking for a motorcycle for freestyle riding, then go for a U-brake. Otherwise, rim brakes will serve you well.

Finding the best BMX bikes takes time, effort, and research. You have to be mindful of checking the various features such as the tires, handlebars, wheels, stems, brakes, pedals, pegs, chains, seats, and more before deciding the one you want to spend on. Don’t be shy about getting suggestions and tips from others who own bikes and have the same riding style, because it can serve as important information on which your final decision can be based upon.

Nonetheless, don’t just get the same thing as your friend or someone else, you know, because BMX bikes are a matter of personal preference, and you have to get something that is right for you. Whether you are new to riding and simply want a BMX bike for Sunday afternoon rides on the road, or you are serious about freestyle or riding, there is something for everyone.

Pay close attention to the Best BMX Bike Brands, features, and reviews, and it is also important to remember the best BMX bikes don’t always have to be the most expensive and feature-rich bike out there because there are plenty of great budget choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any difference between a BMX bike and a regular bike?

People often confuse BMX bikes with regular ones, especially when purchasing a bike online. Before buying a bike, look for the three main factors that differ BMX bikes to regular ones – weight, tires, and built quality. BMX bikes are usually lighter in weight, made with durable materials, and often have bigger tires with huger crevices and knobs than regular bikes.

  • Are BMX bikes smaller than ordinary bikes?

Yes! BMX bikes usually have a smaller frame size as compared to regular bikes. The smaller size and lighter weight make them easier to perform stunts with in comparison to regular bikes.

  • Does BMX biking help build muscles?

Yes! BMX biking is excellent if you want to build arm and leg muscles without hitting the gym. BMX biking is also great for weight loss as BMX biking requires force; hence you need more energy resulting in burning more calories.

  • Is it safe to ride a BMX bike on the road?

Although riding a BMX bike on the road is not recommended, but not everyone can buy the Best BMX bikes for BMX riding and performing stunts, and buy regular bikes for the way. So, if you want to ride a BMX bike on the road, make sure that you raise the seat to the highest position.

  • Is riding a BMX bike on the road legal?

Yes, riding a BMX bike on roads and parks legal. However, professionals do not recommend riding your BMX on the road for safety and comfort reasons. Additionally, riding your best BMX bikes on the streets can compromise its performance as they are not designed for commuting long distances.

  • What is a BMX bike?

BMX bikes (Bicycle Motocross) are off-road use bikes that are specifically designed for racing and stunt cycling. BMX cycles usually have 18 to 24-inch wheels, and the design is inspired by motocross racing bikes.

  • What is the biggest deciding factor when buying the best BMX bike?

Although there are several best BMX brands, including Mongoose, Dynacraft, Redline, and others, it is essential to make sure that the size, riding style, level of construction, individual components, and weight is according to your requirements.

  • What are BMX bikes lightweight?

If you require a lightweight BMX bike, then opt for bikes that are made with steel. But, if you splurge, then 4130 Chromoly steel bikes are both durable and lightweight.

There are aluminum or carbon BMX bike options as well that are both lightweight and durable. However, aluminum is not the best option for pro BMX riders.

  • What are the top tips for maintaining a BMX bike?

The only way to ensure that your best BMX bike stays as good as new for years is to ensure that you are taking all the necessary steps to maintain your BMX bike regularly. Make sure that you regularly check the tire pressure and never ride your BMX bike with overfilled or underfilled tires.

Also, grease the bearings and chain, and tighten the bars with a wrench regularly. It is also essential to get your BMX bike checked and serviced professionally once or twice a month.

  • Are all BMX bikes small in size?

Yes! Generally, the best BMX cycles are small in size. Why is that? Because small and lightweight bikes are easy to maneuver. Thus you can efficiently perform stunts and tricks.

To lift the bike high up and steer it in peculiar ways. It is essential for the bike design not to be bulky. If you want to perform like a professional, it is a good idea to invest a small and lightweight yet durable BMX bike.


BMX biking is an exciting sports activity for both adults and kids. However, choosing the correct BMX bike is essential as it has a significant impact on your BMX riding and stunts performance. Redline PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser is amongst the best BMX bikes that I have enjoyed for years; thus, I highly recommend it to other BMX fans. 

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